The future is at your door

The New Speedy Hydraulic Hinge for Interior Applications.

The world's first hydraulic patch fitting that can turn an already installed free swinging glass door into a fully controlled one, without affecting the original design. Meaning the only change will be to the bottom pivot and the bottom patch.

It is a true Speedy EN2 door closer, completely manufactured in Italy, suitable for doors up to 100 Kg.

The future is coming

It has the exact same dimensions as the standard top and bottom patches (165mm x 50mm) and utilizes the same cut out.
It can be used instead of a standard bottom patch for double acting doors.
It can be used together with all other patch fittings (40000 series) in any of their finishes.

Adjustable bottom pivot and closing speed to suite any installation requirement. Only one valve controls the closing speed.

Ten minutes

Easy to install, it takes less than 10 minutes like any standard free-swinging glass door.

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As with all Speedy floor springs it has the Easy Opening and the Safety Valve functions.

Tested in accordance with EN1154.

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